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Joshua Leyenhorst

CPA, Accounting & Finance Professional

The numbers tell a story. 

From working in pharmaceutical research and development, managing fundraising campaigns for not-for-profits, directing corporate finance operations, and working with many organizations as an accounting and business advisor, if there is one thing I can say, it is that the numbers tell a story. Through these experiences I have developed a passion for understanding the numbers behind operations of many kind, in order to understand the story, because it is from that point, and with an understanding of purpose, that the next chapters can best be written. From there, and through the establishment of effective systems and workflows, and with the use of key performance indicators and other tools that tie directly into a well constructed vision and mission, the unfolding of growth and development can occur with intention, focus, continuous improvement, agility, and impact. This is true for both individuals and organizations. 


Do you know your story?

How do you want the next chapters to go?

What is your plan to get there?   


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