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Know your story

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Diversity might be the best word to describe anything summarizing my background, which is what has brought me to where I am today; interested in almost anything, experienced with many things, and unfamiliar with little.

I’ve had the opportunity to work hard in farmers’ fields with the sun beating on my back; play in a punk rock band; travel to many places in the world, experiencing many different cultures and testing my ability with multiple languages (at different times, of course); study the molecular intricacies of the human body and work on developing therapeutic compounds to help people suffering from many types of illnesses; run my own DJ business for weddings, fashion shows and other events; work with people with developmental disabilities, helping in their daily living and inclusion in the community; volunteer mentoring youth and leading them in opportunities to help others with development projects in Mexico and Costa Rica; work for a not-for-profit organization directly responsible for raising over 1 Million dollars in total; build a promotional marketing business, learning the joys of providing business to business solutions and developing quality business relationships; build up an online retail business through effective marketing and relationships; delve into the science of business by entering the accounting and finance profession, directing corporate finance operations in industry, and advising businesses in public practice; marry an incredible woman who I love more than words can ever begin to describe; and be blessed with 4 beautiful children for whom I hope to be an outstanding role model, trainer, and father. 

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